The Beefer was invented for Beef Lovers – but it is so much more: You can prepare everything of your favorite Meals: Fish, Sea Fruits, Vegetables, Burgers, Pizza and wonderful Tartes: It’s‚ up to you.

Maximum taste develops within seconds. It’s crunchy and juicy – with no compromise. It’s what we call “Beefing.”

Preparing meat using The Beefer is all about reaching the perfect benchmark. While a conventional grill “cooks” meat over a longer period of time at 300-350 degrees or less, The Beefer caramelizes meat within seconds with 800 degrees of heat – creating the perfect steak every time! Many customers told us that they didn’t know the difference — until they used The Beefer! This is the future of grilling. Only, we call it “Beefing.” And we invite you to try it yourself.

Degrees Celsius

A good gas grill produces decently hot temperatures. But not the perfect temperature. Which is why a lot of beef is cooked internally too long, producing a “boiling” type of effect.

Degrees Celsius

A well built charcoal grill produces about 330-350°C. This is okay but still only about half of the desired temperature for the perfect steak or piece of beef.

Degrees Celsius

At least 800°C is what The Beefer is able to perform every time due to its High Performance Ceramic Burner. This is the perfect blazing heat for perfect results!

Flawless Searing.

Perfect results with evenly distributed heat. That’s the Beefers Clou: The enormous heat comes from above and turns Food into Delicacies…


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